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Agricultural Procurement


We offer the following in Agricultural Products: Tractors and Harvesting machines, Chemicals…

Building Materials & Tools Procurement

Building Materials & Tools

Building materials can be supplied as requested. A complete range of paints and coatings…

Procurement of Bulk Food Supplies

Bulk Food

We supply Bulk Foodstuffs for domestic and commercial use. Contact us for more..…

Appliance Procurement

Electrical Appliances

We supply the following Electrical Appliances: Refrigerators, Deep Freezers, Stoves…

Furniture Procurement


DAETA INTERNATIONAL offers a turnkey service for household and office furnishings…

Procurement of Generators


We supply a wide range of diesel electric generators for back up electricity and as…

Procurement of Medical Equipment

Medical Equipment

We supply various Medical Equipment and Hospital Supplies according to any…

Procurement of Motor Vehicles

Motor Vehicles

We offer an extensive range of motor vehicles, both diesel and petrol powered….

Procurement of Motorcycles


DAETA interntional is able to supply most common brands of Motorcycles for….

Procurement of Office Supplies

Office Supplies

We supply a large variety of reputable branded office machines, namely, HP, Sharp….

Procurement of Refugee Packs

Refugee Packs

We are able to make up packs according to your specifications. Please contact…

Procurement of Relief Aid

Relief Aid

We are able to quote on seed, maize and any other bulk supplies. Please contact us for…

Procurement of Tools and Hardware

Tools & Hardware

We supply a large range of manual and power tools, small and large farming…